Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs

What is the store concept?
Lewisberry Antiques & Craft Co.LLC (LACCo) is very similar to a antique or craft show except we are open four days a week, all year long. We have a large selection of antiques, collectibles and crafts found under one roof. The dealers are not in the shop personally selling their goods. LACCo maintains a professionally trained staff that handles sales for the dealers through a centralized checkout system. Each booth provides distinctive merchandise.

What if I would like to talk to a dealer about an item?
We contact them on your behalf. In addition to what they have displayed in their booths, many of our dealers have an inventory off site available for sale. Once the initial contact is made, the dealer may contact you directly to review any specific items. For items yet to be found, we maintain a “Wish List”. You may fill out a request form at the front desk or online here.

What if I would like to talk to a craft vendor about a custom order?
Many of our craft vendors take custom orders, and we contact them on your behalf. Once the initial contact is made, the vendor may contact you directly to review any specific items. The completed special order will be delivered to our shop and you will be contacted when it is ready for pick up.

What forms of payment do you accept? In addition to cash purchases, we also accept Pennsylvania checks, Travelers Checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We’ll also accept out of state checks with proper and valid ID.

Do you offer layaway?
We offer a 30-day layaway program with a $50 total minimum purchase amount required. We simply ask that you make a down payment of at least 20% of the total purchase price.

Dealer FAQ’s

Do I need to be in my booth to make sales?

No. Our staff takes care of ringing up all sales. You will be assigned a specific dealer number which you will need to record on all your price tags. Our computerized checkout system will maintain a record of all your sales.

How do I lease a booth?
The manager will assist you in picking out the appropriate booth size and location. She will also assist you with your lease agreement and payments.

Is LACCO concerned about what products are sold in their booths?
Yes. We make every effort to be sure that the items that are available for sale in our booths are of superior quality and marketability. We also avoid “over saturation” with too much of a few kinds of items. We believe diversity and variety bring customers to our shop. Our motto is: “OUR INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY”

What kind of security system do you use?

We have security cameras through out the shop as well as an alarm system which is engaged when the shop is not open for business. We have also trained our staff to recognize and investigate suspicious behavior.

Are dealers required to work at the store? Yes. Dealers work in the shop for three hours every other month. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know their customers.

When can I stock my booth?
You may stock your booth anytime during store business hours or by appointment when the shop is not open for business.